Equitization advisory

Advise state-owned enterprises to convert to joint-stock companies (JSCs). Service includes: share valuation, equitization planning and execution process, information disclosure and reporting requirements, auction services, and organization of first AGM meetings for companies.

IPO advisory (IPO)

Advisory for offering of shares to pubic investors. Service includes: advisory of company and shareholder structures, preparation of prospectus, execution of share auction or book-building process, marketing strategy in order to maximize trading liquidity of stocks, organization of public auctions and underwriting of new issues.

Listing advisory

Advise companies to meet requirements, regulatory filings and procedures for listing on HOSE, HNX or UPCOM exchanges. Service includes: preparations of registration and listing applications, share valuation, investor relations (IR) strategy before and after listing to maximize trading liquidity.

Private Placement Advisory

Advisory of fund raising through issuance of new securities to selected investors or existing shareholders. Service includes: advisory on procedures to issue new shares, preparation of prospectus, advisory on marketing strategy, execution of share auction or book-building process, and underwriting.