The Securities Services Function offers account opening and management, custodian services to support trading activities of clients. We work closely with Accounting, IT and Operations to ensure that HSC is able to provide service availability, capacity, continuity and security to its clients.

The Securities Services Function is built on our ability to respond, adapt and adopt best industry practices and to ensure we have the best solutions to trading-related issues.

HSC is one of the most trusted custodians of securities in Vietnam, resulting from our professional custody services. Our leading network of systems allows for a streamlined approach to trading that minimizes mistakes and produces the most up-to-date information in our accurate, transparent and timely reports.

With HSC, some of the benefits of our services include:

  • Fully and accurately managing the information of each shareholder.
  • Monitoring all shareholder stock transactions and exchange activities.
  • Analyzing capital turbulence at certain times.
  • Operating effectively and reducing management expenses.

Margin Lending is the action of investors using money borrowed from HSC, for stocks approved by HSC. When utilizing margin lending, investors are required to put in the amount of capital defined by initial margin requirement. The rest can be borrowed from HSC.


Your earning potential will be increased by taking advantage of our flexible margin financing services. Our reasonable lending rates and policies in addition to our automated systems will streamline the process of getting the money that you need.

What’s more, with access to more than 150 listed stocks on both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi Stock Exchange, our customers have a wide variety of securities to choose from when leveraging their position.

As our services continue to grow and expand into newer markets, this value-added service serves as an important tool to help investors accumulate large blocks of stock in a relatively short period of time.

More information about Margin Trading service:

HSC approach OTC companies with the best that it has to offer in client care with advanced IT services to ensure the facilitation of its services is always guaranteed. With our shareholder management services, we aid companies in the process of buying and selling shares. Any results that may occur are reported with the most specific and accurate details.

HSC core services for Shareholder Management include:

  • Managing the list of shareholders
  • Preparing the shareholder list for corporate actions
  • Managing the execution of corporate actions
  • Managing shares transfer
  • Performing reporting procedure
  • Depositing shares when the stock is listed

List of Share Issuers


Form of transferring securities

   1. Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank   

   2. VOSA Corporation   

   3. Dong Nai Brick and Tile Corporation   

   4. Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Jsc.   

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Legal representative of bond owner and bond depository, payment, and transfer center 

HSC provides clients legal representative owner service and bond depository, payment, and transfer services following international best practices. 

Bond management service includes:

  • Manage of bond owner list
  • Prepare bond owner list for bond events
  • Manage and execute bond ownership transfers
  • On behalf of bond issuers, calculate and pay bond coupon and principal to bond owners
  • Prepare and circulate notifications in accordance with regulations.