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HSC Trade is now available for Android devices

Coming up with HSC Trade Pro - HSC Trade application on iPad tablet, HSC Trade on iOS – an application based on the idea of “Apple style” for users; HSC continues to launch HSC Trade on Android – a transaction application for smart-devices using Android (SAMSUNG, SONY, LG, OPPO, ASUS ...), ensuring customers a perfect, friendly, unified and consistent experience in all different platforms.

By combining all the features to create an all-in-one application with convenience, intelligence and secured transactions with fastest commands. With this new platform for Android users, customers will be able to experience an outstanding application same as the iOS platform:

  • Using HSC Trade in a convenient way with simple touch: HSC Trade offers users a friendly experience on mobile platforms such as surfing, touching, flexible refining.
  • Ordering by HSC Trade: HSC Touch Sense is designed for each click and order will be made quickly. Therefore, the orders will be done easier for the users.
  • Having high security system: The investors trading processes like: booking, trading, transferring... through HSC Trade will be done by using the security codes with 2 steps.
  • Having variety functions: HSC Trade allows investors to check up orders then users are allowed to cancel/edit/update according to the regulations and other functions like: cash balance, current market price, ...


HSC is now available on Google Play for all Android devices from April 20th ,2017

Therefore, the users can use HSC Trade for both iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play) devices from April 20th ,2017


Non-stop innovation – HSC always provides customers trendy products, utilities and a perfect system to maximize and bring the good values for HSC’s investors. Not only created a new mobile application, HSC also provide perfect services. HSC Trade was made with commitment form HSC; we will bring the best and the most up-to-date technology trends for customers.

By playing an important role in the finance investment industry of Vietnam, HSC will bring the professional system to the customers in all aspects.

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