On December 2021, HSC has been awarded “Top 5 Best Corporate Governance Companies” in the framework of "Vietnam Listed Company Awards 2021”, which was jointly organized by State Securities Commission (SSC), Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE), Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Vietnam Investment Review (VIR). The Vietnam Listed Company Awards 2021 honored excellent companies in three categories: outstanding annual reports, corporate governance awards, and sustainability reporting awards. This is the 5th times HSC awarded “Best Corporate Governance Companies”


In 2021, the Award’s judges have set higher standards to evaluate and encourage the improvement of the professionalism, transparency, and information transferability of the Annual Report, Corporate Governance Report, Financial Report and Sustainability Report with the aim of enhancing the investors' access to information. This year's set of corporate governance assessment criteria is not only based on the Annual Report but also evaluates other official sources of information disclosure.

Most of the judges assessed that Covid-19 was a test of companies’ risk management strategy. As one of the leading financial institutions, HSC's Annual Report always fully discloses how to manage important risks such as finance, accounting, internal control, operations, information technology, etc. At HSC, the corporate governance system is built with following goals: transparency, financial stability and maximizing value for shareholders, which are achieved by applying best corporate governance practices. 

Mr. Trinh Hoai Giang, CEO of HSC shared: “HSC is always consistent with the principle of prudent governance, we aim to build the HSC brand to become the most reliable financial institution. Despite of market fluctuations, HSC still maintains its safety principle. After two years of strong growth, in 2022, the market is forecasted to have unexpected developments, HSC is ready to respond to risks as well as seize new opportunities. We continue to improve our infrastructure and technology, pursuing our customer-centric strategy. The myhsc digital trading platform enhances customer experience, optimizes operational efficiency, reduces operating costs, and aims to adjust the transaction fee policy to increase HSC’s competitive advantages. This direction is in line with the current fee reduction trend in the world and Vietnam.”