Securities Brokerage

Securities Brokerage



Everything we do at HSC is built around our customer’s story.

Knowing the needs of our client is job one. Here at HSC, we strive to understand our customer’s position as well as their needs in every aspect of their lives. We provide customized financial services that work for you and your specific position.

Professional Crew

Each representative must undergo rigorous training in both hard and soft skills that will ensure that the needs of the client are always handled in a courteous and professional manner. Building relationships is at the center of our business plan. In order to forge strong business relationships and create positive values for clients and peers to model, we regularly meet in person with our colleagues and counterparties to ensure needs are communicated clearly.

Corporate Access Weeks

To demonstrate our commitment to facilitating a more valuable conversation between ourselves and our clients, HSC offers in-house workshops to deeply provide information about industries and listed companies in order to give clients the chance to meet with us and to gain insight into the current market.


1. Account Management

2. Consulting and order placing

3. Brokerage