Brokerage and Sales

As the top broker in the market, HSC is one of very few firms who are marker leader in both the Institutional and Retail sectors. As a matter of fact, we were likely the largest market share holder in both of these segments on both stock exchanges. This is a significant strength for us that translated into being a comprehensive brokerage firm with complementary distribution networks.

HSC provides a comprehensive list of securities brokerage, comprising value-added services backed by research capabilities and technology advancement, useful tools and unparalleled supporting services.

Brokerage services for Individual Clients

HSC’s premium service model for individual investors comprises four value-added components: Information, Accessibility, Service and Capital Resources. We guarantee to deliver the best of these factors through our research capability, progressive technology and fast access to market information as well as our experienced and dedicated broker team.

Brokerage services for Institutional Clients

Taking advantage of diverse services in Brokerage and Sales, HSC offers a wide range of investment options to our domestic and foreign institutional clients. More importantly, we maintain our focus on developing our core competencies in research in order to expand our market share rapidly.

Supporting Services for clients:

  1. Opening transaction accounts for clients
  2. Securities services:
    • Custody and transferring securities
    • Blocking / releasing securities as requirement
    • Securities withdrawal
    • Receiving and executing buy/sell order of securities
    • OTC/ listed securities brokerage
    • Unlisted/ listed bond brokerage
    • Securities investment advisory service
    • Portfolio management
    • OTC stocks quoting services
    • Shareholders management for un-listing stock
    • Shareholders management for open funds
  3. IPO services
    • IPO auction agent
    • Organizing auction at the company
    • Authorizing auction of initial released securities
  4. Investor Capital Support
    • Margin trading
    • Securities advance payment
    • Pledge of securities
    • Bond repo
    • SMS services to client for any change in remaining balance, operating rights, dividend and relevant information about margin trading accounts.
  5. Trading support service:
    • Placing buy/ sell order via telephone, email, fax, Bloomberg
    • Online trading services (Vi-Trade, VM Trade, and VIP-Trade) for secured placing order online, trading on iPad via HSC Trade Pro, checking balance, and managing investment portfolio easily and safely
    • OCT online cash transfer.
    • Registering rights to buy securities via telephone
    • Announcing of securities trading result via SMS
    • Organizing investment & trading seminar
  6. Market analysis report
    • Updating company research and analysis reports through daily, weekly market watch for clients
    • Consulting clients on investment strategy via microeconomic and macroeconomic current situations
  7. Other services:
    • Sending monthly account balance via post or email
    • SMS service for inquiry of account information, market news
    • Client consulting service via telephone
    • Organizing company visits for better business understanding