HSC – Where your talent is nurtured

Established in 2003, HSC has been recognized as one of the biggest securities companies in the country with a strong financial base and investment capicity.

HSC has been constantly voted by its clients and partners for various major titles at prestigious international awards.

Besides business objectives, we have always strived to create a positive working environment where every employee is encouraged to develop their competencies and continue with ongoing growth over the course of their careers.

At HSC, we highly appreciate the spirit of coordinating, sharing and motivating. Each employee is a substantial part who will grow and develop in line with HSC’s success. We offer a lot of opportunities for HSC’s staff to actively build up and develop their leadership competencies and professions.

Our Divisions

HSC’s core businesses include securities brokerage, research, corporate finance and principal investment. These services are delivered by teams working across sales and supporting divisions:

  • Risk Management Division
  • Private Client Division
  • Institutional Client Division
  • Corporate Finance Division
  • Supporting Functions
  • Operating Functions

Our people

HSC is proud to boast teams of professional, experienced and dedicated executives, consultants and analysts.

Alongside the utmost emphasis on developing our employees’ expertise and capacity, we highly value and acclaim their core qualities, such as integrity, dedication, and professionalism. We have facilitated our employees’ development throughout their work, case studies, seminars, and training courses, etc.

Our culture

Culture of leadership and developing next generation leaders: HSC constantly creates a favorable environment for its enthusiastic and competent employees to grow their dedication and long-term commitment to HSC.

Initiative of “I care” spirit: HSC promotes the culture of CARING and SHARING in order to uphold each member’s awareness of responsibility to the Company as well as the Industry and the Community. Each employee is encouraged to recognize their roles, values, actions and corresponding impact on their surroundings as well as understand the position and influence of HSC to the market, community and society.

Training and development

Human capital is considered as a crucial element in the sustainable development of the Company. Therefore, HSC has continually improved training to further enhance the knowledge, expertise and skills of its staff through training courses for securities profession, management skill, leadership and customer services.

We also promote the progressive spirit and offer opportunities for both our managing level and junior employees to foster their professional expertise as well as themselves and continue their study to achieve prestigious professional certificates, such as CFA Charter Holder (the highest level of CFA), MBA, etc.


Talent retention: We implement an advanced policy system of human capital in order to attract talents and offer comparable levels of income to them based on their work efficiency.

In addition, HSC attentively cares about its employees’ healths and lives with a series of cultural activities, sports and clubs such as: Talent Shows, Sports Clubs (Tennis, Badminton, Yoga, Soccer), English Club, HSC’s Book Club and periodic health check.