CSR Policy

Our people

HSC knows that the positive growth and development of the industry starts at home. By fostering a positive environment within our business, we hope our staff and colleagues will go on to promote more positive ways of working and living in both their daily lives and future careers. Our development strategies are based on expertise and capacity - human capital is considered as our greatest asset and people management is a key factor in our sustainable development. Therefore, HSC continuously develops training programs aimed at enhancing knowledge, expertise, and the skills of our staff. At the same time, we invest heavily in health care, and aim to enrich our staff’s lives through motivating them to develop their full potential, and encouraging personal development and dedication to the Company.

HSC evaluates the performance of its employees based on the methodology of Management by Objective - MBO. According to this mechanism, each staff is set specific KPIs to assess the outcome of their work, based on their level of responsibility. Thanks to this methodology, employees are more autonomously aware of their objectives and their personal opinions are also discussed during the process of self-evaluation.

Our Industry

As a leading professional securities firm in Vietnam, we see it as part of our responsibility to contribute to the construction and development of the stock market in Vietnam as well as being a positive force in the global and regional markets.

Based on this, HSC participated in the following international events such as:

  • the forum “Channel NewsAsia Luminary Leadership” in Singapore
  • the Greater Mekong Investment forum in Thailand
  • the Asia Securities forum in Taiwan
  • the Channel NewsAsia’s Annual Luminary Awards event in Singapore.

Through these events, we had the opportunity to update ourselves on global best practices, and further our industry knowledge and understanding. This does not only apply to our operations but also offer recommendations to the authorities and contribute to developing the securities market of Vietnam and its further expansion in the world. HSC is proud to have HSC’s representatives as the Vice President of Vietnam Association of Securities Business, Vice President of VBMA, and Vice President of CEO Club. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our foreign managing directors, HSC actively showcases its recommendations to the SSC, the stock exchanges and VSD as well as cooperating with these institutions to implement various projects in order to bring new products to the market, such as margin trading and derivative products in the future.

In the stock capital market, HSC contributed to building the HOSE Index in order to reflect market information, meet the demands for indices available for trading and increase investment opportunities in accordance with indices. In the bond capital market, HSC is a co-founder and active member of the VBMA, of which HSC has representatives in the permanent council. This is the first association in the bond arena in Vietnam to actively facilitate the Ministry of Finance and SSC in establishing a network of primary bond houses and building the infrastructure for market makers. In our capacity to deliver information and knowledge to investors, HSC organized various seminars, in which we updated private and institutional investors from both domestic and international markets, with the latest information and trends.

Alongside our effort of being transparent in information and financial health on the media, HSC organized Analyst conferences twice per year for journalists and investment funds. Through this activity local and foreign investors could have beneficial and trustworthy information which supports their investment activity.

Our community

Regarded as a leading financial firm in the Vietnamese stock market, with over 10 years of business behind us, like other major financial institutions in developed markets worldwide, HSC has begun to define its long-term goals for the growth of itself alongside those of the society. We realize it is part of our responsibility to actively contribute to the construction and development of the environment and the society in Vietnam.

Thanks to our desire to enhance human capital quality for enterprises in the future, HSC’s social responsibility activities have focused on supporting

young people to improve their skills, creating opportunities to get acquainted with the business environment, as well as creating a healthy and stimulating environment in which they can thrive. Philanthropy, sharing and giving aid to people in our society who are less fortunate have become part of our tradition and legacy at HSC.


Besides the remarkable achievements in business, we are also proud of the less tangible, but valuable contributions we have made to society, through nurturing the future generation of leaders. Under the theme, “A hundred years of nurturing humanity”, we cooperated with entities on moral education and the development of soft skills, as well as working with non-profit and non-Governmental organizations on mentoring projects. The goal of these initiatives was to help young people get their first foot on their career ladder.