Research Center

When it comes to serving our clients, the broker is only one part of a team of experts that work to maximize your investment. It’s true that the broker provides an invaluable service and guides you to make the best choice for your financial well-being, but behind all of our brokers is a specialized research team that is actively scouring for the most advantageous and suitable securities and bonds that meet your demands.

Just some of the many value added services that we provide for all of our clients includes:

  • Financial information analysis to forecast economic conditions
  • Gathering and analysis of company financial statements, industry, regulatory and economic information, and financial periodicals and newspapers
  • Summary of data describing current and long term trends in investment risks and economic influences pertinent to investments
  • Recommendation on investment timing and buy-and-sell orders to company or to staff of investment establishment for advising clients
  • Recommendation on modifications to investment portfolios

Product Offering - Reports

HSC produces an expansive product range of reports built on several categories:

  • Company Reports - provides a detailed analysis, inclusive of financial health and management capabilities, of an OTC or listed company and its business environment.
  • Sector Reports - covers key sectors in the market and the business, legal and economic environment on which it operates.
  • Technical Reports - an in-depth technical analysis of market movers and relative sector performance.
  • Strategy Reports - an impartial view of the changes in the economy, market fluctuations and other developments to provide investors with analysis on current issues.

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