Brokerage and Sales

HSC holds itself to the highest standards of integrity and ethical practices. Building a reputation is never easy, it requires constant and diligent attention to details and making sure that the job is done right. So when we take on a client, we make sure that their investment is placed in only the safest of hands. One of our core values is building a strong organization from the inside out. We pride ourselves on constantly setting market standards and bringing greater respectability and transparency to the industry as a whole.

HSC places a premium on constant innovation and adaptation to client demands. We work closely with Accounting, IT and Operations to ensure that HSC is able to provide service availability, capacity, continuity and security to our clients. HSC is the only brokerage firm in Vietnam that can send trading confirmation/allocation via OMGEO Central Trade Manager (OMGEO CTM), as well as receive clients’ orders via Bloomberg FIX (Financial Information Exchange) connection and provide live fills.

To ensure we are continually providing value-added products to our clients, we have also worked with the custodians to launch a SWIFT connection that will improve the order proceeding speed.

In direct reflection of that, the Institutional Client Division has grown substantially to achieve a large proportion of foreign trading value in the total market in the last few years.