Fixed Income and Treasury Services

HSC offers fixed income securities service to institutional clients. We endeavor to develop and execute client-specific portfolio solutions, as well as deepen and expand client relationships by providing thoughtful and responsive client services. We have found strength and flexibility by maintaining our integrity with approach to investing that always puts out clients first. HSC guides clients through changing regulations by adhering to investment policies, and maintaining strong principles, without wavering on the commitment made to each client.

Treasury services of HSC

  • Provides pre-funding for clients’ trading government bonds and bills both in the primary and secondary markets.
  • Provides liquidity management services.
  • Provides structured financial products upon request.

Fixed Income services of HSC

  • Provides information and valuation of government bonds
  • Underwriting new issuances of government and municipal bonds
  • Participating in primary market as a Primary bond dealer for auctioning government bonds and bills on clients’ behalf.
  • Participating in the monetary market via repo and reverse repo bond transactions with clients.


  1. Execution
  2. Government Bond Auction