Research Center

HSC boasts one of the largest, most developed research teams in Vietnam. We deliver actionable insights and innovative products to our clients, partnering with them to ensure they can leverage our resources to make informed investment decisions.

Our highly-trained and capable group of staff provide in-depth detailed reports that look beyond the spread sheet figures to provide detailed forecasts and analysis of the current financial health and viability of an investment.

At present, HSC has a team of more than fifteen analysts based both in HCMC and Hanoi. The team provides comprehensive market coverage broken down by key sectors. We look to cover the top 50 listed and OTC stocks with rated reports and detailed earnings models.

HSC research analysts come from a wide variety of backgrounds including auditing, market research and corporate finance. This mix enables us to view companies from a variety of perspectives and achieve synthesis. HSC research department places great importance on building a good earnings model and gaining a good understanding of the quality and strategic capability of management in the companies we follow.

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